Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Not a very 'happy' post I'm afraid...

Today was my last day in the hospital, I've been saying my goodbyes all day. I still have a few left, the friends I made in the hospital, those I left for Friday, as I have to go back to finish some paper work, those will be the hardest and most overwhelming. I've had this feeling of chest tightness since yesterday. The idea of going back to SQU isn't very pleasant. It was so easy for me to fit in here and be part of the team, which is something that I sometimes, not always, lack in SQU. I've been feeling well, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I had two hours today with nothing to do because the procedures were postponed for an hour, and so I was sitting alone, writing down in my little book. I felt like my chest was getting tighter, for some reason, I felt really lonely at that moment (well I've been feeling it for a couple of days now), I was just craving for some kind of attention. Do you know when you feel like you want to just sit back and take things easy because there's someone, anyone there to share some of the burden with you, be it a friend, a relative, anyone close to you. I looked around but found no one..

Urgh, not a very chirpy post I must say, but I've been feeling a bit blue for the past couple of days. I should be happy that I'm going back home damn it! I am, I swear I am, I can't wait to hug my parents and kiss the little ones, drive my 'lil' bug and go back to my gym and my friends, but at the same time, I feel like I'm not ready yet to leave behind a work environment where I actually was able to fit in!

Right, I'm gonna go finish packing...

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Time goes by so quickly!

So my count down has begun. I have 11 days before I go back home, and to be more specific, by next Friday, I will be on my way to London to spend four days there before leaving the UK.

Surprisingly, the time has passed by quickly, and as much as I miss home and my family and friends, as much as I'm going to miss working in the hospital here.

I was able to fit in rather quickly. I have many docs to thank for that, and I made sure that I show them my gratitude. Today as I was leaving the hospital, I thought I'd stop by Boots and get something to drink, and I saw a registrar who was the very first doc I talked to when I started. He saw me sitting in the Medical Assessment Unit and gave me comapany until I got a call from the consultant who was in charge of me. I told him that I have a week left, and he wished me all the best. It hit me then that I'm actually 'leaving', for good! The feeling wasn't pleasent. I've had this feeling for some time now. I came to know a lot of the docs around here. This morning I also bumped into my previous consultant, and I realized how much I missed working in the Acute Medicine Unit.

I've learnt a lot during those two months, I'm more confident now in my skills and knowledge. I was appreciated as a junior, and I was given a lot of support from the docs around me, from juniors to seniors. They were all ready to listen, answer my questions, and give me responsibility. I was able to prove myself, and in no time I got to know the system, I started to clerk patients on my own, and write down their notes, present to the seniors, get their bloods, send their forms, and check them later and put it all down in the file and show it to a senior. I gave my work my best, I put all my energy into it, and I gave it my 100% attention and priority. I didn't mind the work, I loved it to be honest. I have enough courage now to ask questions, and discuss management issues with the docs. My clinical skills and knowledge have improved a lot. The respect that I got from both docs and patients helped a lot, they respect you as someone who's qualifying, and they're always willing to answer your questions and be examined by you (the patients that is), and if you fail to get blood out of them, they don't scream in your face, they know you're learning so they don't mind.

I don't mind staying here to be honest. I do miss my life back home, but work-wise, I'm happy here. I've learnt a lot. I'm more relaxed and calm. There's no pressure from other students, no stupid competition, where everyone only cares about themselves, no students worrying over exams and making you nervous too. Everyone minds their own business, and no one interfers with your privacy. They treat you as someone who deserves to be respected and appreciated. I'm seriously thinking of leaving once I finish my internship and come back here for work experience.

Alright a long post. Home sweet home, I'll be back shortly, I need to finish my goodbyes next week, and give my work my best, even though I already got my evaluation forms done. I need to finish buying gifts (I suck when it comes to shopping lol!).

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Marathon updates!

Alright, the pics from the marathon are in 'The Week's' new edition, if anyone is interested to have a look!

The girls look so happy in the pics, I wish I was there! Oh and the place is all blue now, they were gonna start painting the week I left, lol, it looks different!

And apparently, according to what I've been told, they've been able to put together a really good sum of money. It's good to see how quickly people responded to the call, and many companies rushed to sponsor them.

Page 29 :)

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Women and chocolate!

It seems like women all over the world are exactly the same when it comes to chocolates! They say 'diamonds are a girls best friend', well I'm starting to think maybe chocolate is an even closer friend than diamonds! lol

There's nothing like chocolates or chocolate ice cream to make a woman feel better, in regards of anything that she might be going through. She always turns to chocolates to make herself feel better..

Women crave for chocolates more than men, they enjoy the delightful taste of it melting in their mouths lol.

This Friday was my last day in MAU, or the acute medicine unit, so I thought I'd buy some chocolates and put the box in the nurses station for everyone to take some. Who do you think went crazy over them? It wasn't the guys, but the ladies, from nurses, to students to docs, lol. I found it amusing, how indifferent the guys were for having chocolates in the ward, compared to the women. I guess it's something in our X chromosome, how else can you explain it?

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Heart broken

Yes I am, big time...

I've always accepted the fact that I'm not very lucky when it comes to getting something that I really wanted. For some reason, the more I want something, the more difficult it is for me to get it, it's like somehow it gets all jinxed.

As hard as it is to not get anything you want, everytime I would tell myself that there's a reason behind it that I'm not aware of, and I believe in that. I believe that God has a reason behind everything that happens. Sometimes though it gets to me, the disappointment that is.

For over a year now, I had it set in my mind that I wanted to train and become a certified group fitness instructor. I bought the book, and I was hoping that an exam would be set in Dubai, but it wasn't, not this year anyway. Then I found out that it was going to be held in London, during the time that I'll be in the UK for my elective, well I got my dates mixed up and missed the deadline, again even though it was a big hit on my face, I just let it go.

Now a while ago, I found out that there's a Schwinn Cycling Course that was supposed to be held between June 10th and 11th in London, so I got all hyped up. I called my dad and got the green light from him, and I called the course coordinator, only to be told that it was already fully booked. She told me, however, to call in a week because some people end up cancelling and so there might be a space for me. A week later I call her, and guess what! There was a spot for me. I was starting to have my doubts about whether or not I should go ahead with it, but I told myself, I've always wanted this, I won't get this chance again, and I got my parents approval! So I got called the coordinator, and told her I was in. This morning, I had some problems getting train tickets (they were all very expensive) but eventually I did, and then I paid for my course, I was so happy and I thought to myself, tonight, I'm gonna be in London, at my grandparents place, be comfy on the sofa and watch tv the whole night, then enjoy two days of nothing but cycling. Like they say 'ya far7a ma tamat', only 10 minutes later I get a call from my sister telling me that my mom just called and told her that the house was actually under renovation. There were workers inside, the house was a mess, there were no windows, anddddd the door might have been changed, so our keys won't work. I felt like someone just hit me real hard on the head. The coordinator told me to not cancel right away, to try and sort it out. I tried for several hours with no luck, and I just cancelled my spot in the course....

I'm seriously heart broken. I thought to myself, finally, I'm getting something I've always wanted, something outside medicine, something to add on to my life, no matter how crazy people thought I were, I wanted it so badly that I was okay with having much less money left for shopping here to just take this course. Now it's gone. Yet again, I lost a chance to have something in my empty life, something besides medicine....

Oh well...

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Adam's fitness centre...

I found two articles about the marathon that took place in my gym on Wed and Thurs. I couldn't find any articles talkinga about how the marathon itself went, I guess something might be there in the next edition of 'The Week'.

I'm so proud of those girls! I so wanted to be there with them during these times, I would've tried to finish the 3-4 hours of cycling, now that would've been a great challange!

Times of Oman - Local News
(Tuesday, May 30, 2006)
Two-day cycling marathon for a cause
By A Staff Reporter MUSCAT — A well-known fitness centre is organising a cycling marathon to raise funds for NACA (National Association for Cancer Awareness), which was officially launched recently.
Adams Fitness Centre, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, will be organising a sponsored indoor cycling marathon to raise funds for a much-needed service: a mobile cancer screening unit for NACA.
The NACA has been trying to raise funds to purchase this unit in order to reach the maximum number of people countrywide in an effort to detect early stages of cancer. The two-day event, this Wednesday (8am-12pm for ladies only) and Thursday (8am-12pm, ladies only and 12pm to 4pm — mixed), will be held at the Adams’ Studio.
“Each and everyone of us is affected by cancer in one way or another — if we don’t have someone close to us, we know of someone affected. “So what can we do to help?” Mary O’Connor, events coordinator, has said.
“Many people are taking part to raise money for this very worthy cause through personal sponsorship and Adams is privileged to host the event and be involved with NACA,” she added, noting that it would no doubt be a challenge to all involved.
“So, any support would boost morale enormously and you never know, it might just enthuse people to become more involved with their own fitness,” O’Connor said.


Indoor Cycling Marathon to raise funds for NACA
MUSCAT — Adam’s Fitness Centre has found a novel way to raise money for a good cause — the National Association for Cancer Awareness (NACA), by holding the Sultanate’s first two-day ‘Indoor Cycling Marathon’ at its centre in Al-Madina Plaza, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, today from 8 am - 12 pm (women only) and tomorrow from 8 am - 12 pm (women only) and 12 am - 4 pm (mixed).Around 120 participants are scheduled to take part, each being sponsored for various amounts for every hour of cycling that they complete. Seasoned fitness enthusiasts are to cycle for up to four hours at a time, those with less fitness expertise will be cycling for one and two-hour stints. A total of 25 stationary exercise bikes are available at Adam’s Fitness Centre’s indoor workout studio, which will be put to good use for the marathon.The event came about when the question, “So what can we do to help?” was raised in response to a way of helping out cancer sufferers. It was noted that nearly everyone is affected by cancer in one way or the other — “if we don’t have it, someone else close to us, or someone we know of, does.”As a way of helping out NACA in its earnest attempt of raising enough funds for the purchase of a ‘mobile screening unit’, which will go a long way in its mission of promoting cancer awareness throughout the Sultanate, Mary O’Connor, Aerobic and Gym Instructor, Personal Tutor, Adam’s Fitness Centre, who is also coordinating the event, told the Observer yesterday, “For people recuperating from cancer its good to come back into fitness, to start rebuilding immunity, get stronger and in helping them to feel better about themselves, within themselves. It helps to cope with the strains and stresses of everyday life.”O’Connor pointed out that among the people coming to train and workout at the fitness centre is Yutha bint Mohammed al Rawahi, President of NACA — who herself is recuperating after warding off cancer, and, as noted by O’Connor, is a very strong person. She said, when people start looking good they start to feel good about themselves and, especially in the case of people recuperating from illnesses such as cancer, it allows them to cope with life generally and relieves boredom and lethargy. “It’s good to be part of the fitness society, they’re a great bunch of people and everyone gets on very well,” noted O’Connor. Classes take place on a daily basis and it’s easy to come in for an hour or so to workout and shapeup, she added. There are women only classes and mixed classes to suit individual preferences. Routine exercises at the centre’s fitness studio include cycling — a very good non-impact cardio-workout, weight training, ab-attack and tone — that exercises the core stomach and back muscles and circuit training. O’Connor is set to compete a total of seven hours of sponsored cycling; three hours in today’s event and a further four hours tomorrow.

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Season finales!

Season finales, damn this year the final episodes of this season were great, well the shows I watch anyways.

Lets go through them one by one,

*Gilmore Girls: Well if you've been watching the episodes, you would know that Lorelai and Luke were engaged to be married, but the wedding got postponed because Luke found out that he had a daughter and started giving her all the attention and shutting his fiance from this new big event in his life, putting everything on pause when it came to their relationship. Lorelai just reaches a point where she can't take it anymore. She's finally ready to settle down with a man that she truly loved, yet she couldn't afford wasting more time waiting for him to decide when he would put more effort into their relationshop, and she confronts him, she asks him to elope, but he says he wants to wait, and that was that. What does Lorelai do? She goes to the father of her daughter, and we see her waking up the next day in his bed!

As for her daughter Rory, well her man had to leave to London a day after his graduation. You can see that they both cared about each other, and it broke my heart when she starts to cry on the morning he leaves to London. I guess the daughter had a more stable relationship than the mom!

*Desperate Housewives: omgggggggggg! The season finale was one of the best episodes ever! You finally get to hear the whole and true story of Melony Foster, the girl who was killed by the Applewhites son with a low IQ, that's what we all knew throughout the whole season, but during this episode we get to hear the true story, and Oh boy do things get hot from there!

Each one of the ladies has a unique situation going on. Gabrielle finds out that her husband is sleeping with her maid. Bree runs away from the mental instituion to try and save her daughter. Lynette finds out that her husband wasn't cheating on her, but had actually just found out that he has a daughter whom he never knew about. Zach kills his grandfather by switching off his ventilator then abandons his father who was in jail, accused for murdering Felecia. Susan finds out that Mike was planning on proposing and on the night that he was supposed to pop the question, she sits waiting for him, while the poor guy gets run over by the dentist who was Susan's friend, something fishy about this guy!

Now that episode was definitly a breath taking one. Actually the last few episodes of this season were really really good. Much better than the first few episodes.

*ER: Another breath-taking season finale. Sam's ex boyfriend who was in jail is brought in again for fighting with another man in jail. Neela tries to avoid going to her husband's funeral, but Pratt convinces her, damn she broke my heart how she kept crying and saying that if she did go, it would mean that she's saying goodbye, and she wasn't ready to do that just yet.

Clemente's chaos in the previous episode causes some problems for both Kerry and Luka.

What happens is that Sam's ex boyfrind and the other man had a plan to escape from prison. And we see how they start a fight with Luka and one of the girls who was helping them run away, gives him a shot of a drug that causes muscle paralysis. Sam tries hard to intubate him, and as she drags those men out of the hospital, she tries to somehow send hidden msgs to the others, and finally it ends up with gun firing. Jerry gets shot, and Abby falls real hard. They try and help Jerry but he seems to be worsening, and Abby goes out to look for something but ends up bleeding and passing out too (I really hope she doesn't lose the baby!). Sam had to go with her ex because she finds that he has taken her son with him.

A lot of questions are in my head. Is Jerry going to die? I don't want him too, he's so funny! Is Abby going to lose the baby? Is Ray going to be able to make things better with Neela?

I can't wait for the new season to begine! September is too far away!

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