Saturday, July 22, 2006


I should stop watching that many romantic comedies, some of em' make me very emotional!

But I can't help it. I'm a sucker for a good fairy-tale! lol

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A peaceful demonstration

A peaceful demonstration has taken place this afternoon at 5 pm in front of the Lebanese embassy to show solidarity to what is going on in Lebanon these days.

Since my whole family has taken off this morning to Dubai, I had to go with my aunt, and my mom and dad made sure I took the poster that we have at home of Sayed Nasserallah with me.

I think there were about 100-150 people there, and I recognized a lot of the faces, but it would have been nice if more people had shown up and if the people were allowed to walk a bit further from the embassy. Nevertheless, it was a good sight, seeing all those people, standing together, showing their support for Lebanon and Hizbollah, screaming at the top of their lungs for the freedom of Lebanon and for God to protect Sayed Nasserallah.

I took a lot of pictures and videos with my phone (as usual I forgot my camera, absent minded, what can I say!). I even called my sister and teased her about not being there, she made me put her on speaker so that she could hear what was going on.

Anyway I'm glad I was there.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The war against Lebanon..

I'm sure you've all been hearing of what's going on in Lebanon in the news. It's an open war between Israel and Lebanon. The Israelis, being the cowards that they are, depend on hitting Lebanon from outside the borders, they're too scared to go inside and come in contact with Hizbellah, despite the fact that Hizbellah asked for a confrontation at the borders, to keep this away from the people, and to avoid more damage. They've been targeting the civilians, and the countries main areas. Hizbellah has been doing an amazing job defending their country and their right for a free life, refusing to live under the mercy of the Israelis. Said Hassan Nasserallah is a true hero, a legend if I may add. You'll never see such loyalty to any leader. The people love him, the people respect him and respect what he's trying to do, and at any given moment, they are all ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of their cause. Said Nasserallah is the only one who decided that he and his country will fight.

I hold high regards for them, and I salute them and I truly wish that there's something we could do to show our support. After all, it's for a great cause, and we as Arabs, should be the first to support.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bad day?

It's the name of this song that I've been absolutely in love with since yesterday. I don't know why, but for some reason, every time I listen to it, it just puts a big smile on my face. It talks about a bad day, so what on earth could be happy about it? Maybe I can relate to it somehow?

"You're faking a smile with the coffee to go"
"You're falling to pieces every time"

Two months ago, that would've somehow described me, from the inside that is. When I go back and read my posts from that time, I realize how hard I was working on staying happy (I was stubborn, I wouldn't let anything take the sense of happiness away from me, whether it's work, uni, exams or just people around me).

And now you ask?

I'm in the best mental shape ever!

I spoke to my school English teacher just before I left the UK (I called her once I got there and promised to call before coming back to Muscat, we've always been good friends), anyway, she told me she could sense the positivity in my voice, that I, without a doubt, sounded like I was much more self confident and most importantly, just relaxed and happy. And I am! I honestly am. I can't wait to start my rotations, I'm still not looking forward to going back to squ, but I promised myself I'd work real hard, and keep in mind why I'm doing this.

Okay this post is just for me. I start my final year in two weeks, and I'm sure that at one stage the stress is going to get to me, so I want to come back, read this, and remember what it felt like to be this relaxed and calm. :)

Stay happy people, life is short!

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

And the winner is...

The World Cup has come to an end.

Italy is the winner, as you all know by now, and I'm sure most of you, if not all of you have watched the game.

I wasn't really with any of the teams, but as I've always had a lot of respect for Zidane, I wanted him to play a great game because it's his last game in the world cup. I wanted it to be a great end to a great player.

Unfortunatelly, what happened was definitly unexpected!

In the last two minutes of the extra halves, he gets harrassed by the Italian player and he hits him, with his HEAD! Now that came out of no where! The red colour was flashed straight away. It just broke my heart seeing this amazing player, leave the game, with tears in his eyes. He must have been provoked real badly for him to react in such a way.

It broke my heart that he had to leave the field and miss on the closing ceremony.

I don't know, it just ruined the whole thing not having him there. It just wasn't the same. How can you be happy when you know that a great player was embarrassed in front of billions on his very last game?

Oh well. A congrats goes out to Italy I guess, and to everyone who cheered Italy.

p.s, I bet ALL men who were watching the game had their eyes tightly glued to the screen when Shakira performed right before the final game, lol.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Movies, movies and more movies..

A couple of movies that I watched since I got back home (still jetlagged so I'm having trouble sleeping at night, though it should be over by now).

Anywayyyy, here goes...

The pink panther

I wasn't very excited to go watch the movie when it was out here in Muscat so I never made any effort to go watch it, and the only reason I rented it to be honest was because nothing else caught my attention.

For some reason I liked it. It was silly, well not all of it, but some scenes were just really really silly, but it was a good watch. I enjoyed it and I even laughed a few times, even those silly scenes made me laugh. Oh and I didn't fall asleep while watching it (I usually do when I watch a movie late at night).

Speaking of the pinkpanther, I've always loved the cartoon. I think it was one of my favourites as a kid.

Something new

A romantic story that was very touching. A white man and a black woman fall in love. The woman is rather uptight because of the way she was brought up, very serious, burries herself in work, and at the same time, she couldn't fill the void she felt from not having someone in her life.

She meets Brian, as a blind date, and excuses herself. She couldn't allow herself to be seen with a white dude, what would the society say about her? What would her parents say when they find out? Sounds familiar? Yup!

Anyway he ends up working as her landscaper, and the story continues from there.

I saw the trailer ages ago, and I only got it by chance today, but I'm glad I did. Yeah, yeah, go ahead, I know I'm all mushy lol.


Now being back here, there are so many obligations you need to take care of (mostly social). Some make me feel uncomfortable, but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Update from Muscat

Back in Muscat. Am I happy to be back? Well, I'm happy to be among my family again, it was nice to sit around with the kids and listen to their stories, but at the same time, I miss Cardiff, I want that sense of independence that I felt working there, now that's a separate topic anyway.

Some football talkā€¦

I finally decided to sit and watch some football since I had access to a tv in London (finally!). Brazil vs. France, and of course I was backing up Brazil 100%, always have and always will, despite the fact that they lost and are now officially out of the World Cup. Their performance was sadly below average, the bright players did not show us any magic out there in the field, and their attacks were very poor. The French on the other hand were very impressive. Zeedan played remarkably. His tactics were very smooth and he was actually ruling the field, along with this other dude whom I can't remember his name, lol. Now I'm not a fan of Zeedan, I don't really mind him, but the truth has to be said and he earned a great deal of respect after the way he performed in this game.

Now, as I was watching the game a few things came to my mind.

~ The way the players hit the ball with their heads, my God, if it was me, I would've probably ended up with a terrible headache for weeks, or maybe it would've probably knocked me out completely!

~ The way those poor players get hit in the leg or fall or slide through the grass, ouch! I bet they always end up with a lot of scratches, bruises, and cuts here and there after each game.

~ It's funny how a lot of girls are all crazy about the World Cup and make sure that they watch all the matches, not for the sake of watching some good football, but to watch the 'cute' players whom they have a crush on. What's even funnier is that they would be supporting a team just for the sake of a 'cute' player! So I know a few who were all the way with England, why? Because Beckam was playing!

On the same day, England was playing against Portugal and we were on the bus on our way back home, and this lady comes in with her kids, and walks and couldn't stop talking about how eager she was to know the scores, so she goes like, anyone got a mobile phone? Then tries to explain it to us with her hands, like we didn't know what a mobile is, EVERYONE ignored her, she was extremely rude, funny thing is, a few of us were sitting there with mobile phones that actually had radios, but non bothered to give it to us, including two kids who were Muslims living apparently in London

Now, the Italy vs. Germany match just ended. Italy won amazingly in the last minute, with TWO goals, now that wasn't predicted at alllllll! The Germans were crushed, and I guess the second goal came in because they probably lost their spirit when the Italians scored, and so it was easy for them to go ahead and score again.

Right, I should be resting after a long journey back home, and not updating my blog.

Enjoy the football people!

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