Monday, September 08, 2008

Growing up..

My last post on my blog was on June 13th 07, over a year ago. I guess I just lost the passion to write, or just got busy with you know, 'life'..

I realized I needed to go back to writing, this blog was my way ot letting it out, putting my feelings into words, somehow helped me feel better, and at times, gave me a sense of clarity when I saw it down in writing.

I graduated a year ago, and life changed from being a student to being a doctor, I've had my share of good and bad days. Days when I felt like I've done something for a patient, and days when I was just too tired from the stress. Life just changed completely, I have so many memories of my year as an intern, the late nights during oncalls, we'd be too tired and finally resting at 3am, so we'd just sit, laugh and joke around, the amount of blood collections that we had to do, My God! We used to call ourselves 'vampires'!!!

And I guess part of growing up is that you experience life as it is, including losing someone you cared about. That shattered me completely and left me unable to feel anything but pain. Trying to adjust to the fact that they've passed away and are no longer around. I think that's the hardest thing anyone can ever go through, knowing that they are no longer there, wishing you could see them again or talk to them. It's hard to let go and move on. I guess all it needs is time, it does heal all wounds right? Or it's supposed to anyway, I don't know..

Growing up, party of life, the so called 'bitter sweet symphony'

Here's to better days with good things and nothing but smiles on our faces

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