Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OMG! It's an update!

It's been excatly a month since I've updated my blog. I can't believe it's been that long!

Things have been very hectic. I've started my final year, which requires a lot of work and dedication. Plus I'm trying to keep up with my regular gym classes along with the never ending social obligations.

EVERYONE is getting married this summer. I had 5 wedding parties to attend in 1 week. That was crazyyyyyy. Come home late from work, work out at the gym, go to wedding, then come home and stay up until 2 in the morning studying, wake up at 6 the next day and the same cycle continues..I'm glad that's over. Well, almost anyway, two more to go, but at least they're spaced out!

I don't understand why everyone gets married at the same time. Why not space out during the whole year. It's always the summer, mostly August, and January that is busy with weddings. January makes sense, because the weather is nice and you can always have something outside.


Enough about weddings...

I'm going out to celebrate my sister's birthday. And I'd like to welcome a new addition to our family, my 'lil' baby cousin who was born yesterday. He is ADORABLE!


p.s this is NOT a proper update. It's just to tell everyone that I'm still alive and that I haven't really vanished completely from the blogging world. I intend to write a proper and interesting update for you all to read.

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